Sunday, 31 March 2013


Alrighty then.

Hello, my name is Steph and I am a hobby addict.  This used to not be a *real* problem when I didn't have a little person relying on me for just about everything in her life!  I would, without hesitation, spend entire days either on my butt knitting, or in the kitchen cooking.  There were a few glaring problems with this lifestyle once baby came:

  • Housework was not (and still isn't) a priority for me.  So long as the cat litter didn't smell and the dog had been walked, I considered myself pretty on top of things.  The fact that I had three fur producing animals was not the signal that vacuuming should have a very prominent place in my routine ;)  Baby started crawling a month ago, and though I can still contain her, that is quickly going to become harder and harder and I would like to not worry about what she is going to find!
  • Cooking and baking are wonderful things to do - I'm not suggesting that I stop them.  But I would spend hours making one meal.  The problem that I found is if I didn't have the time I wanted to put into making this elaborate feast, I didn't want to cook at all.  So not only did I insist on having a fully stocked kitchen at all times, we also had take out on a very regular basis.  We were becoming quite unhealthy, to say the very least.
In creating this space, I hope to keep myself honest about a few goals I have.  I want to keep my hobbies, but I need to balance a clean and healthy home with them.  What I want to post here on a fairly regular basis are (in no particular order):
  • Food - dinners, lunches, whatever stops us from eating out so much.
  • Knitting - finished and in progress projects.
  • Baby - because parenting is quickly becoming something of a hobby for me.
  • Home - this is my biggest undertaking really.
I will always be enthusiastic about my hobbies, I just hope that eventually the rest of my life won't suffer quite so much for them :)

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