Friday, 5 April 2013

The Sunscreen Mountain

Mountain.  As in making mountains out of molehills.

When it got beautiful here a few weeks ago, I started thinking about using sunscreen on the ginger snap.

Then I started worrying about putting sunscreen on the ginger snap.

Then I started putting more clothing on her to avoid putting sunscreen on her.

Then she started sweating :P

So I built up this topic *so* much in my head I thought I would never be able to make a decision.  I don't like the idea of lathering her in chemicals, but I understand that sun exposure will be worse.

Mountains I tell you (or no one in particular because I'm pretty sure I'm talking to myself ;) ).

Anywho, I finally looked into it further by asking my most knowledgeable friend.  Google.  She told me that there are basically two different camps - chemical or oxide.  The chemical camp use different chemicals that absorb into the skin to protect it.  They must be applied at least 20 minutes before exposure to be super effective, and though we haven't seen it yet, there may be long term effects behind the absorption of these chemicals.

The oxides on the other hand (zinc or titanium) sit on the surface of the skin.  There's no absorption and it has the added bonus (or at least I see it as a bonus) of having little to no wait time after application!  Though I would love to say I will always be prepared, I know myself better than that so my decision was made.  Oxides it would be!

Now to choose.  I had a few people recommend Badger, which seemed like a good option, but in the end I went for Green Beaver.  Same (single) active ingredient and it's Canadian.  I haven't used it yet, and now that I've made a decision it is of course raining again, but I'm just happy to have made a decision!

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