Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Pickiest of Green Eaters

I've been with Lukie for a *very* long time, known him for longer, and for the first few years of our relationship I watched him dislike vegetables and not eat a lot of fruit.  We were young enough that it was not my problem to care, but when we started eating (non take out) meals together on a regular basis, I had to change something.  We started small ... literally.  If he couldn't see it, I could *probably* get away with it ;)

The first sizeable chunk of anything I fed him was coloured peppers.  Nice and easy.  Then came green onions, broccoli, etc. and as he got used to the flavours, I could increase the size of the particle I was feeding him.

I'm happy to say that I now have a salad that he not only eats on a regular basis, but asks for more than once a week.  I feel like I've won.  A bed of baby kale, sliced carrots, apple, cucumber, and pecans with a handful of crasins.  Pair that with maple balsamic dressing and I've pumped him full of 2-3 servings of vegetables :D

The other night, I paired it with honey mustard chicken drumsticks and an mildly adapted version of these cakes.

I didn't have any fresh parsley, and couldn't find any that was appropriately sourced, so I had to find something equally as tasty.  My answer to this problem is usually cheese.  Here's what I did:

~ 1 cup of cooked (as directed) couscous

~ 0.25 cups of chopped white onion
~ 3 cloves of chopped garlic
~ 0.50 cups of rinsed, chopped garbanzo beans
~ 0.25 cups of crumbled feta with Mediterranean herbs from Trader Joe's

Mix this all together, then into the couscous.

~ 2 eggs
~ lemon zest

Mix this in next.

~ olive oil

Warm up the oil in a frying pan, then use your 0.25 measuring cup to scoop the mixture to the size of the cake (smaller if you want them smaller ...).  Drop them in the frying pan and smoosh down to desired width and fry until golden brown.  Flip and repeat.

Lukie ate his plain, but I dipped mine in ranch dressing - both ways are pretty delicious!

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