Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Where 2 Hobbies Meet

I have had a love of cooking for quite some time now, but it has only been recently that I worry about sourcing.  The organic label doesn't matter so much to me as the local (ish) one ... so we've been eating a *lot* of root veggies and apples.  But there is hope - I found this yesterday:
Let's look more closely at this, shall we?
It made my little heart sing :) I actually didn't see these until I was finished paying in the grocery store, but quickly made a u-turn and bought 2 overpriced bags.  I'm very excited.  Now we just need green onions back and I'll be one happy camper!

But I digress.  I started out with this topic because of what the gingersnap eats!  Her first good veggie mix was squash and zucchini baked with some sage.  We have graduated from that (because I couldn't find any more squash) to sweet potato, green peas, apple, garlic, and sage.
Mixed with a bit of olive oil and baked for an hour or so there is no blender required - it mushes quite nicely on it's own!  Served with 9% MF Greek yoghurt and blueberries I feel like she's getting all the appropriate food groups ...

Most of our lunches have become finger food because there's only so much of my life I want to dedicate to spoon feeding her so little chunks of mozzarella or bocconcini and shredded chicken makes up her protein.  Those cookies I spoke of and cheerios make up the rest.  For the chicken, I use the President's Choice Free From line of products and bake it with some shallots and rosemary, again in olive oil (covered) for about 40-45 minutes.  We often share this part of her lunch - it's pretty tasty!
The last thing I wanted to share is the most recent addition to her meals - oatmeal.  I know we could have had it a long time ago, but I don't like it and thus she didn't get it ;) I needed something quick today, so oatmeal with apples and nutmeg seemed like a good choice.  She, like she does with many first bites, thought this was the worst food ever, but after a few bites I could tell this was going to become a favorite.

I have real problems getting her fed by family members because of this face.  It's deceptive!  But it we gave up every time she made it, I would still be exclusively nursing my 10 month old.  Perseverance.  I read somewhere that if after the 15th time you've tried a food you may have something they won't eat.  Before that, keep trying :)

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