Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Oh Pets ...

So we have a few pets ... three to be exact.  Two cats and a dog.

Since the introduction of gingersnap, there has been a little less love for all three.  We know it and though it's sad, we also know that in a year or two it will go back to the way it was ... the dog does not want to wait :P

Lately, she has gotten super fearful toward strangers (dogs and people alike) to the point where I'm no longer comfortable walking her next to the stroller.  If she gets it in her head to bolt, I'm not strong enough to do anything about it and we are *all* going down.  So Lukie started taking her for her morning walk and then whoever has time is responsible for the evening.  It's not working.

She runs out the door whenever she can now and it is *impossible* to get her back.  Last night was one of these cases and it was scary.  She was gone for 2 hours while I was out tutoring; Lukie was taking care of gingersnap and minding our nephew.  It is nearly impossible to chase a dog that does not want to be caught with a toddler and a baby in tow (not that he didn't try) ...

It's the fear that makes this frightening.  If she was just running and enjoying life it wouldn't matter!  She's registered with our city so there's a little fine if she's found by someone other than us but who cares really.  Her fear makes her super unpredictable and if she felt she had been backed into a corner I don't know that I could say for certain that she wouldn't become agressive.

We love her to bits and pieces and are willing to do almost anything - but we don't even know where to start ...

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  1. She's a cutie though. We have the same problem with our Maggie. She's totally scared of people, has been from the beginning, and no amount of socializing has helped. We've even tried medicating her (with Vet) nothing worked. Now we walk her late at night, when nobody is around, and thank god for our big backyard, where she can run and play until she's tired. It's hard to have such a dog with little kids around too. Hope you'll find a solution!