Thursday, 18 April 2013


This for me, like many other people, has become the year of the sweater.  I've finished 3 me sized sweaters already this year with another in progress and also a birthday sweater for my nephew!

This is the Serina Cardigan by Gretchen Ronnevik ($6 on Ravelry) in Marigoldjen's BFL sock base. After a few initial problems this sweater is flying!  I only have the sleeves to go ... but man was it a rough start ... but I'll chat more about that when it's finished ;)

Next: Diplodocus by Kate Oates

My nephew is turning 4 this year and if it has anything to do with dinosaurs or the movie Cars, that kid is *all* over it.  I can oblige that pretty easily!  He said the sweetest thing to me recently - it's important to know that one of his shower presents (long before he was born and I knew he was going to be *huge*) was a sweater that never fit him, so now it belongs to one of his babies.  He got 2 new babies for Christmas and a few weeks ago told me

"This baby is nice and warm, but these 2 are so cold.  We need to make them sweaters.  This one likes red and this one like orange.  We should make them in those colours.  Can we make them tomorrow?"

Melt my heart you are so freaking cute.  His babies will also get sweaters for his birthday.  Obviously.

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