Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Too Much of a Good Thing?

I have to admit - infants are not all that fun.  Sure they're cute, and relatively easy to care for (especially if yours slept as well as ours did at first ...) but *nothing happens*.  After a few months of that, I wasn't sure how anyone could be a stay-at-home mom; I was so bored.

But gingersnap is growing leaps and bounds and gets more fun and interactive every day, and now I'm not sure how I'm going to survive leaving her with someone else.  It's amusing to me, and probably obvious to every mom out there, how quickly my opinions of such things changed ;)

Anywho, lately I have been so enthralled with how she is learning.  Toys she used to pick up and put down she is actually learning how they work and is *so* impressed with herself when she figures it out!  Her most recent obsession is stacking; anything stackable will do, but her favorites are these

The one on the left is from Fisher Price, and the right is Ikea.  Both were Christmas presents from grandparents, and though we hardly needed 2 of *basically* the same thing, we kept them both.  Watching her dump all the pieces off, then figuring out how to put them back on was wonderful entertainment for me.  Problem solving at work!

So since she was enjoying these so much, wouldn't she enjoy a third too?!?

Never send me to a toy store by myself - general rule of thumb that Lukie should probably learn pretty quickly ;)

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