Sunday, 22 September 2013

A New Life

So I have gone back to school - for what will be the last time.  I swear.  I am so done with it - I want a job!!  It's only one year, but it is full time ... full days.

It's been quite the adjustment for everyone involved.  Lukie has found himself with way more responsibility than ever before, I have homework again, and baby is away from both of us for a good chunk of the day.  That was the kicker.  Let me say that we could not *be* more fortunate.  My SIL is taking care of her, and not only does she live super close, but her 4 year old son is gingersnap's favourite person in the whole wide world :)

That doesn't mean that it's going super smoothly, but I'm sure it would be a lot harder than if we had to use some other form of child care.  The three hardest things to date?

  1. Finding time to cook and bake.  Those are not optional in our home and the amount of time I have to do them is down by a lot.  Today is inspiring me to call Sunday baking days since it is so freaking miserable here ... that might help ;)
  2. The work/homework/life balance thing.  I don't enjoy sitting in the living room doing my homework while gingersnap plays.  But there isn't enough time to finish if I don't ... and finally
  3. She doesn't care that I'm gone.  This is wonderful because I know she's really happy where she is ... but it sucks because I spend all my time thinking about her and often when we go to pick her up she isn't ready to leave.
Anywho that's life right now.  From a hobby point of view, little projects can get worked on because this first part of the year is a lot of discussion and no one cares that my needles are flying :)

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